The Bitcoin tragedy: forget your missed opportunities


If you had invested in Bitcoin in 2010 you would be a multimillionaire today, maybe even a billionaire. But not only does it not matter, it isn’t even true if you really think about it. So why bother? Just forget about your missed opportunities already. Why, you ask? Because according to many experts, this is only the beginning of the new era and we might still be early adopters.

How often do I read about missed opportunities when it comes to bitcoin. There are even many cartoons and memes covering this topic.

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Would you have been brave enough?

But honestly, who wouldn’t have sold his bitcoins for like 100k in 2014? Only few would have been and have been brave enough to continue holding after having earned enough to buy a car or a flat. That is why you shouldn’t wear yourself down. You probably “only” missed out on 100k or so, not on millions or even billions.

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Furthermore, thinking about missed opportunities doesn’t help you at all as it takes away your focus from actual opportunities like promising altcoins that could moon just like bitcoin did. You might have missed out on 100k or maybe even 200k but that does not mean that can’t make money now and those figures are still in sight. Today, nothing is impossible on the cryptomarket.

These might still be the early stages

As explained before, we might still be early adopters anyway. Many experts think about cryptocurrencies as a bubble but in its early stages. According to others, cryptocurrencies are the future and will become even more valuable in the upcoming years. So why bother with missed opportunities if so many are still ahead of us?

Instead of thinking about missed opportunities you should invest your time in research. Analyze promising altcoins, create a balanced portfolio and let the money you don’t need work for you.

Which altcoin should I pick?

What could a balanced portfolio look like?

I am a news manager at PRIME Research, that is why it is easy for me to stay informed about cryptomarkets. It is a dangerous game as to why you have to be up to date on every possible detail - and I can help you with that.


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