Request Network “focusing entirely on developing the platform”


Request Network published an update on their project stating that they are “focusing entirely on developing the platform”. This would include ledger support, ECDSA requests, detection of requests in the txpool, ERC20 requests, and Kyber DEX.

We strongly recommend to check out the Request Network mindmap showing possible use cases, apps, and many more. Before investing, you might also want to take a look at their roadmap and check out reddit for discussions.

2/2 See the tech mindmap (, protocol is on the left and apps are on the right

Allocating USD 30 million to a fund

A couple of days ago Request Network announced to allocate USD 30 million to a fund to finance their project. In order to keep it decentralized, they released a project list announcing that different projects can be developed “either by the team or by anyone inside the Hub ecosystem” advertising rewards to the different developers.

If you are a developer and interested, just check out their announcement to know more about the application process and the different projects in detail.

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